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Tuesday, November 30, 2010's really ...Day 30

Can you believe today is day 30, it has been a ride.  I have learned so much, I have seen some incredible artist make some amazing things.  I can say without a shadow of doubt it has been a blast.  Hate to see it end, I will keep creating, hopefully daily ( I could slip up at times)...during all of this I have found out what I have always loved what brings me comfort, what some of my gifts are.  I too have decided to start like I have posted before a new internet art business venture (more to come stay posted).  It is all so exciting for me..

Well today I decided to do a project I saw awhile ago.  I was so tired of my little trash box under my desk. I wanted to make (I'm on a budget so buying didn't seem to be an option right now).  I went in the shed and got an old white bucket that my husband use to use...I did ask first to make sure he wouldn't miss it.
Old Trash Can
New prospect. I cleaned it out (couldn't identify what was inside..).  I took some fun colors of paint, oh how I love to pull out the paint, then I just randomly painted 4 lines across the bucket.  There was no pattern or neatness to it, I just went for it.
As you can see I really didn't care how I laid out the colors...I then had to wait for it to dry again.  This part wasn't easy since I am a little impatient.  So I decided to wrap and mail a jewelry order I needed to fill.
I then ran to the post office to mail. My bucket was ready for the next step.  In this step I cut up paper or you could do fabric as well.  I cut them into a scallop stripes (again not real worried about neatness..I am very organic when I create).  I used mod podge on the strips of paper..and went podgie on it ( meaning abundant use of mod podge)
Again I had to let that dry, and since I have a real hard time sitting down for more then 5 mins. I started another project.  Our entry way was a little dull.  I went and got some branches out of the yard  ( I got this idea from the new Country Living Magazine).  I put the branches into a little vase like thingy and huge some silver ornaments from the branches.
I thought I heard the bucket calling me to let me know she was dry. I wanted to add something to the handle to pretty it up a bit, I added some colorful yarn.
After putting a new little bag into the new little bucket/trash can she is all done.  I added a few words and put her into her new little home right under my desk.  It was fun and free (already had all the supplies), now I can get rid of that ugly offense box, but this girl is done.
Thank you so much to all my visitors, all your comments have meant alot.  I hope you continue to visit. Remember things are in the works, so stop by soon to get the latest updates.
Again thank you for your support.  Sherry


  1. Yay! What a fabulous way to wrap up your 30 days... great idea!



  2. Yeah! Congrats on the 30 day challenge!

  3. You're a creative dynamo! I love the bucket you decorated and your beautiful branches!

    Thanks so much for joining in AEDM. I'm glad you enjoyed the journey!

  4. you are AWESOME. only you could turn a make-shift trashcan into something beautiful :)

  5. Beautiful new trashcan!

    And I love the branches!

    It was great to meet you during AEDM! I always enjoy your posts!


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