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Monday, November 22, 2010

Smile..It's Day 22

Working, Shopping, preparing for Thanksgiving day, clipping recipes, thinking (this one could get in the way), eating and creating..oh where do we find the time.  OOOPPSS! oh yeah I posted a couple of days ago how there is always time to create, so I guess I can't come up with any good excuses ;-)....So I run in the door, drop all my bags, let the dog out (poor baby he has been cooped up in the house for the last 9hrs, he was doing the happy dance)..I go to the bathroom myself, let dog back in, feed dog, run upstairs and look at my desk that I left in a mess from the crazy day before.  I look and look and look and I finally find a little charm I made a few days back from scrap I had from Artchix Studio love this web-site and a little empty pendant from Vintaj another love of mine.  I put this together with a clear glaze to seal.  I look in all my little jars found this copper chain and a little heart up-cycled from another bracket I found at the flea market, and WALAA..I came up with this.  I love the girls face, she brings me to a place where I can smile big..

In the midst of all the crazyness of the day, a patient came in my husbands office today who is battling cancer, and from the outside you feel sorry for him specially when you reflect on how he use to look, but when this man speaks he is so full of life, a life alot of us don't have on a good day. I saw so much through his eyes today..he told me he goes to bed everynight with Peace and wakes up with Hope..As he leaves our office he smiles so big that I couldn't help to smile with him and Praise God for the grace and peace he continues to give us.  This man is my inspiration tonight, I continue to smile big and feel a warmth in my heart.  Thank you God for putting this man in my path today, and showing me what really is important. Until tomorrow SMILE BIG!!!

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  1. Sherry let me tell you that this a beautiful post. God bless you husband I hope he can fight this thing. I know how cancer can be a horrible disease but it can also bring out the very best of people. Thank you for this post.


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