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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Part 2 of Challenge day 27.....(SARK)

So I stubble upon a blog SARK Journal (I've read many of her books) and she offered what she called a Game Play.  

She had categories, the one I picked was "Miracle Walk" the description being  A "Miracle walk" is where you go out of your house or wherever you are, put your hands out, palms up and say; "Miracles, find me now." And then walk until you see or find one- or more! Be aware that miracles may be disguised or in unlikely places. 

My day started with alot of anxiety, I could not have another day in the house without getting the morning wore on my anxiety got the best of me.  Husband recommended we go to the Raleigh Flea Market, to pick up a couple of trinkets to use later in my art. I always seem to loose myself there.  I thought this would be great (my husband sure knows me).  I did pray this morning; that I wanted God to help take away this anxiety. (give me a miracle)...

We get there it's a bit nippy out but I am just so thankful to be outside.  I start to loose myself in all the wonderful things around me.  This time of year there are so many vendors out, making it a real treasure hunt.  It seems everyone was in such good spirits.  Every booth we stopped at I had a conversation just about small stuff (there's so much "Fun in the Small Things").  My first encounter was with an older man asking where I got my coffee..which doesn't seem big..but he was such a nice man, endearing eyes.  Then my daughter and I stopped at another booth, because she see's a little porcelain doll that catches her eyes, (she had a budget of a 1.00, but the softy that I am (when it comes to a girl wanting a doll, she got more out of she got the doll).  The gentleman that was manning that booth was so sweet and nice, he gave Mya 4 decks of old baseball cards to give to Luke in is stocking this year.

We head down to the pretzel stand for a little energy boost and that man is so incredible nice.  SO you might ask...where did you find your miracle???  I found it in every person that crossed my path, each one was a little piece of what God wanted me to see today, each person showed me what kindness could mean.  This I am so grateful for...GOD is good!  May you find small miracles all around you in your day.

My 1st day 27 Challenge is below...thank you for stopping by. 


  1. What a wonderful day you had. Finding fun in the small things really makes the difference!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful challenge and journey to embark on. I love how you were open to all the miracles, big and small that came your way. So many people choose to only see the big things when really its the small moments that make up the vast majority of our lives. Let's choose to see and embrace them!


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