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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Latte and Happiness, Day 10

I decided to work on my Altered Book today.  I pulled out my box of different papers and start sifting.  I am such an addict of coffee, so I thought the coffee cup was fitting.  I also love the outdoors and seem to be the most content when I am outside.  Today was a little of a challenge for me, it seems I put so much pressure on myself to get it done before I left for girls night at church that I felt like I just kinda put it together.  I feel I could do so much more with the pages.  But this is what it is, so I take peace in it.  I am hoping to work on it a little more. I too want to work with some water colors as well.  Decisions Decisions ;-)..

I am enjoying the weather right now I am trying to enjoy that as well.  I have been spending some great time with my dear friend Missy and lovin it to pieces. She is very inspiring and encouraging, God has blessed me with her in my life..Love My Missy..until tomorrow. Peace..


  1. It is beautiful. You know I think with all my art I feel like I am never finished with the piece. If it sits around me for awhile I can always change something.
    This turned out beautifully!

  2. Pretty, love the colors, very cafe latte, nice work!


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