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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cherish, Day 23..

I have been reflecting on alot lately, my mind is in constant motion at times I get dizzy just thinking about what I think about.  My poor husband just stares at me with a look of wonder..(not because he is mesmerized by 
me ;-), but I truly think he says "How does she make it through the day without help in doing the everyday things like walking, driving  I have so many things I want to do and feel like there is NEVER enough time, do you ever feel that way??

I have had this idea  for about a 9months now and I can see how it could work (women's yoga/art retreats). I have been researching it and it seems all the fun ones are always in different states.  I would love to incorporate my two loves Yoga/Art and offer it to women in my area.  But my little mind sometimes get's in the way i.e..can I do it, how much would it cost to start it up, would women come, how do I market it?  In between thinking of all those things, I am thinking about a 100 other ideas.  I think in the world they call this ADHD..;-).  To stop the little engine in my mind I went up to my little blue room sat at my desk and just stopped an took a  moment to breathe deep. With a little bit of a clearer mind, I found this little heart I had made awhile ago with the word "Cherish" on it.  So I asked myself, "what do you cherish"?  I cherish my husband, my wonderful children, my amazing grand-babies and my step kids.  I too cherish my closest friends, everyone means so much to me.  Most of all I cherish the one who has made all this possible in my life and that is The Lord.

SO.. I thought I would make a little necklace out of this heart and add some beads and a ribbon in place of a chain.  This will always be a reminder of the things I cherish.  I am off now to do about 20 of the things on my list before Thanksgiving..until tomorrow reflect on what you cherish..


  1. I love the contrast between the heart and that gorgeous teal bead on the bottom. I'm going to go check out the rest of your blog now.

  2. What a beautiful necklace! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Nice piece! Yes art and yoga definitely go together. I have a yoga teacher who's an artist who at times teaches sewing in her yoga studio.

  4. I like the mix of materials/textures/colours used. The turquoise bead is lovely & I like the reminder to 'cherish'.

    Kat :-)


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