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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blooming Cards..Day 27.

I have a girlfriend in California whose birthday is in December.  I decided to make a card and use it as my project for the day.  It's really amazing how time just seems to pass you right by the older we get.  She texted me yesterday saying "Can you believe we met 16yrs ago today.  It just about knocked me flat on my tush.  Where did this time go.  We have gone through the my marriage and divorce then my remarried, a birth, and the death of her husband and so much in between with each other.  It hardly seems like 16yrs.  If you read my blog on friendship, she is the friend that miles and across country keeps us separate, but when talk it feels like no time has lapsed at all.  I love this girl, she was my rock in so many ways and I hers.  She knows the good and the bad of still loves me so unconditionally, she has never judged ANYTHING about me.  I am truly blessed to have this friend in my life.  I Love you girl..

The card is simple but I know she will love and appreciate it.  Wish I could deliver it in person.

The picture isn't that good, but I used sparkles in center of the flowers..Ms. Rhonda loves sparkles. ;-)


  1. What a lovely card for such a wonderful friend...where would we be without these soul sisters of our?! :)

  2. I am with Ms. Rhonda...sparkles rule! Great design! I am sure that she will love it!


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