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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beads and Baubles..

Day two of the AEDM Challenge, I bought this blue bead awhile ago wasn't really sure what to do with it.  I started rummaging through all my things and found the little key and watch element along with the religious relic (some of my favs to work with lately) and came up with this.  My friend liked it so much she wants to buy it.  YIPPEE!!

I bought a new journal last week, if you know me you know that I love to purchase journals but I seem to start them and not finish them.  Then I wait so long to go back and write in them that I feel I need a new one (maybe it's an excuse to buy something).  So I bought this one, it wasn't cheap, but it is beautiful.  All leather with the metal medallion on front and about 3in thick.  I LOVE it.  This is something I want my girls to have when they are my age to read and see some of my deepest thoughts.  I am not using it to journal about my day to day life, but things that are truly on my mind.  Wonder what is in store for my next project??


  1. I love journal too. I bought a bunch of them until I have to stop buying since I hardly write on them.

    I wish I could diligently write everyday so that someday I could read my history :-)

    This book you have looks gracious. love it :-)

  2. I'm so proud of my artisan. Today's challenge is beautiful, can't wait to see tomorrow's.

  3. There's a real magical look to that journal! I think you're right - definitely for special thoughts... but don't go leaving it aside for too long or it will be like my 'best glasses and china' that never get used!!

  4. Pretty necklace and I like the new journal.

  5. That is gorgeous!! I'd buy it, if I could afford it!!

  6. what a great piece! love that blue bead!

  7. I would have a job selling something so beautiful - I'd be tempted to keep it myself :-)

    Ah yes, the stationery & journal addiction - I know it all too well. Lol.



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