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Friday, November 19, 2010

Sparkles and Leather.Day 19..

I was so excited to get in the mail today an order I placed by a fellow blogger "Artsyville".  Please go visit her blog, she is amazing. She sent me a extra little gift with it as well so I was even double happy.  I truly love getting things in the mail.  I miss getting things in the mail, with technology the way it is we tend to forget how special it is to get something in the mail.  Don't get me wrong I love all my tech goodies (ok, I am really a geek when it comes to technology)..I would love to get an iPad (hint hint to hubby).  But still miss the good ole days of waiting for the mail for something other then bills.

Today I made a necklace and if you have been following my blog you might of noticed one that looks alot like this one.  I have received so many request for that one that I needed to make others like it.  My only problem is somethings are one of a kind due to the materials.  I start with a hand cut leather heart that I hand die, then I added a vintage crystal element to the middle with vintage beads and crystals dangling from the heart.  I finished it off with a brush brass chain in different styles to give it that fun funky flare ( I believe that could be a new word for the dictionary..heehee).  I love making Jewelry it is my first love of creating.
 This 3 little pieces of art came in my package...sweet little jewels to use in my journaling.
 This is the one I bought..I am a Yoga instructor, so this I really like.
This speak to me so much, and the artist gave this to me as a little extra sweet, LOVE IT!!

Heart and Leather..

This picture does not do the beads justice for their colors. You can order this on my Etsy site.

Vintage Crystal element..

Have a blessed night.


  1. Looks like artsyville's gorgeous handiwork....
    LOVE your necklace, stunning :)
    Thankyou for all your wonderful support and such lovely comments on my blog....
    wind to my wings :)

  2. I'm in awe of the beauty you've created here! I would totally wear something like this!

  3. Beautiful necklace! Wowsers! And you've inspired some ideas out of me. Thank you!

  4. Like you I love technology but miss getting as much in the post. There is something wonderful about getting a package and/or a handwritten letter delivered. Artsyville's creations are a real inspirational treat.

    Your heart jewellery is stunning!! Inspiring skill & creative detail - love it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It's great to discover you and your blog.

    Kat :-)

  5. Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail :))
    I love that necklace!


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