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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 20 WOW...time goes fast.

I still can't believe we are past the middle of November time sure does fly by.  I went to the grocery store and still wasn't ready to get the turkey yet.  Today was another day of not feeling to great so I laid low and did a little Zentangle still learning.  It is very relaxing and calming, so I sat on the couch and did that for awhile.  But I needed to get some fresh air so I took my ole trusty friend Bud for a walk.  The leaves here are still changing and falling now. The air is crisp and so fresh, I felt better getting some air.  Hoping tomorrow I will feel a little better and we can get out on the motorcycles.

I did this in my new Visual art journal...Love my journal.
Our walk in our neighborhood.
My sweet Bud..he is the best running/walking partner with 4 legs.
Sometimes we are so busy looking forward that we don't take the time to look up and thank God for the things in our lives..I am so blessed..

The colors are so pretty..

I would like to get out to our NC antique market tomorrow, hopefully we can work it in the day..I am looking for a vintage orange Pyrex bowl ( I collect them, I have a pink, yellow, green and turquoise).  If I find one I will post..Until tomorrow, make memories today.


  1. Nice work with the Zentangle! Bud looks so sweet!

    Thanks for the reminder to be thankful. Sometimes it's so easy to forget.

    I hope you'll be able to fit the antique market into your day; good luck finding an orange bowl!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. What fun little Zentangles you have going on! And Bud is really cute. it is nice to have a buddy like him for those walks in the woods. My dog loves to join me for those excursions too. He is a Schnoodle named Cocoa!

  3. Lovely photos -- and awesome tangle! Time really is flying this month, isn't it??!?!!!


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