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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There is always time to be creative...Day 17

 What am I talking about? This is something I hear over and over (from my friends or I am not creative):
"I want to do creative things too, but I don't have time."
Well, guess what it can be done I found this out with this challenge? You don't have time to NOT be creative. Creativity is all around you. You CAN fit it in. You can live a creative life as much or as little as you want to. No one is stopping us but ourselves. Being creative has So many physical, mental and emotional benefits that you don't have time NOT to do it! Here are some suggestions for fitting in creativity with a busy schedule (this is something I still work on).

1. I take pics with my cell phone when I can't lug my camera with me. What do I take pictures of? WELL, it's all about how you think. When you think of life as a creative experience, everything ordinary becomes interesting all of the sudden! Try it. Some of you know what I'm talking about! Don't worry about taking "bad" photos. Sometimes they turn out blurry, but so what? Even that can help you see things in a whole new way. I have blurry the following...

 Take random pictures, put them in your visual journal

2. Always have something to read in the car. I always carry a great magazine or book in the car for some quick inspiration/eye candy. My favorites are all the Somerset Magazines especially Somerset Studio's Gallery Magazine. It's like your own little art gallery in the car! If you don't want to spend money on the magazines, there are tons of great mixed-media, art, collage, photography books at your library. I use the library ALOT. It's a great "re-treat" for me to dash into the library and get some new books to soak in while waiting in the car!

3. Go outside. That's it. Walk around the block. Look at the clouds. Look at things you don't normally notice.
 God gave us this world to look at and cherish...enjoy it!

4.Keep a little memo book and pencil/pen in your purse/car, etc. You never know when you'll have a moment to sketch or write.  It really get's me to relax and slow down. 

This is my husbands first Zentangle (I can't take credit)..

Ok, so those are only a few things you can do today! Remember, you don't have time to NOT be creative. Every day is a new opportunity to nurture your creative self, many blessings my friends!

God grant me the serenity
to accept the fact that I can't make every room in this house a craft room:
Give me courage to clean my little Blue studio/room I have;
and wisdom to know the difference. Amen!



  2. like the idear of having a little note book, i always have one in all my bags

  3. You are so right, it is about how you see things, and taking pictures of just about anything that inspire you is what cameras are good for! I'm always using my phone to snap shots of things that inspire me.

  4. sssshhhhh, you are taking away my favorite procrastination excuse "but there just ISN'T enough tiiimeee" (said in a whinny voice) But (I guess) thanks for the reminder (and a kick in the behind) :D

  5. Great post! I'm always taking pictures of weird things with my camera that would make for interesting photos. I like your phone photos!

  6. ahhh.. i ALWAYS HAVE MY CAMERA WITH ME.. My creative time was rearranging the pantry again.. hahah

  7. I am smiling...thank you for all the post..

  8. i love to zentangle too! have not posted any yet! I keep my art to myself! but I share my pictures freely on my blog. Perhaps you'll visit sometime soon. Found your blog via artsyville.
    hope you're feeling better.


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