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Monday, November 15, 2010

Half way through challenge...

WOW!! half way through the AEDM challenge.  I have been having alot of fun with the different projects, and finding things I would like to try that are new. When I visit other post I have seen alot of this art called Zentangle.  I love the look of what people do, so I thought I would give it a little bit of a try this morning.  It is fun you can do it on the phone watching tv or just listening to music.  I have a way to go in feeling comfortable with it, maybe because I want to be perfect in  it.  But I know it will take alot of practice.  I started on an ATC card and will finish it later tonight.  

My other way of creating today was putting my shelf together that my mom bought me while she was on her visit with me here in NC.  I spotted this shelf at the antique shop up the street, I feel in love it so my mom surprised me with it.  I still have to put some shelves up in it, but first I have to buy some extra little shelf hangers for it.  I have alot of books (the ones in the picture are just a fraction of what I have).  I arranged some things on it and put some books on the shelf.  Knowing me I could rearrange this a few more times.

 My rendition of a Zentangle..
 New bookcase..still need to install some of the shelves.
 I bought this funky hand at a flea market, it is a mold from an old latex glove manufacture.
  A few books..
 The shelves that need to be added.
Love me some Yoga...;-)


  1. Ooooh beautiful new book the glove mould too with the gorgeous necklace! Look forward to seeing your completed zentangle...I've still to give it a go!

  2. I like what you have done with the zentangle. I have seen folks working on them too and have yet to give it a try. It looks like fun!

  3. Love the zentangle...I've also seen a lot of them lately, but haven't tried one yet...


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