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Friday, November 26, 2010

So creative..Day 26th..

WOW....what an amazing Thanksgiving we had, so much food and laughs. Woke up still full...I had to roll out of  Well today I didn't really know what to create, the kids were kinda in one of those what do we do today, so my husband told them to go create something.  Mya came down with this picture of a elf and princess and a crown.  This is a picture of Mya and her drawing.

My step-son Luke made a Battle Droid he love Lego's.

Luke came to me asking for a web-site because he wanted to start trading Lego's Star Wars men online with his friends, and to make new friends.  So we have been working together to build his own blog (for his age (9) I figured a blog was easier to work through).  It took us a few hours to do, so I am using this as my creative project today..He would love it if you scooted on over and took a look and maybe if you wouldn't mind he to would more then be so excited to have a few followers.  The title is "Fun 4 Lego".  Thank you for stopping by, have a great creative day. Until tomorrow keep creating and have some more pie and turkey. ;-)


  1. I love children's drawings! Too sweet! Best of luck on the Star Wars Website!

  2. Those pictures are wonderful! I am going to go over to the "Fun 4 Lego" blog!

  3. My son adores Star Wars lego too - I'll show him Luke's site in the morning. He'll love it!! Not sure he'll have anything to trade, but he'll certainly love to see the blog.


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