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Thursday, November 11, 2010

So blessed..Day 11 of Challenge.

Today I went out to run the miles I needed to run for my training.  With ipod in hand and the determination to finish this today without sucking wind.  I hit play and hit the pavement.  When I run I take in all my surrounds, I  look at the trees, leaves, people, dogs I do alot of talking to God at this time as well.. Half way through my run,  the Lady Antebellum song "When you got a Good thing" comes on.  I have listened to it a 100 times, but today it hit me like never before, maybe cause I was in tune today.  I have come from so much pain and hurt with my ex husband leaving me a few yrs back and other things (crazy as it seems we are still good friends).  But in the midst of the hurt and pain, I found a way with God's help to forgive.

In that pain I found the most incredible man who now is my husband for almost 2yrs.  I am so blessed beyond words, he is everything to me, he loves me so unconditionally and with passion.  God I love this man.. This song just about brought me to my knees today as I reflected from where God brought me.  I am a blessed Girl...thank you God.

 In my run I decided to make this little bitty journal to journal the moments in my training/run that God shows me things that I might not of seen before.

I love this morning Latte..
Until tomorrow many blessings..


  1. I love the journals you're making! That's up my alley, because I love scrapbooking and I decorate the insides of journals. I'll have to share some stuff with you sometime. You are so quick at making them too! :)

  2. I love both what you have dedicated the journal too and the way you have decorated it. What a beauty. It will be full in no time, I am sure.

  3. I love the journal and the whole idea behind it and the verse you chose for the cover! Love it all! I can also so relate to being brought to your knees by song lyrics that hit the heart. (I blogged about it a few days ago myself, though in different terms.)

  4. What a fantastic looking journal!!
    The coffee looks good too :)

  5. Journaling is a passion of mine! But never have I journaled anything more than words until recently when I joined a circle journal. I am challenged to find my creative side again; it is wonderful! If you are at all challenged in this way... you are succeeding!!! Beautiful journal entry in both words and in visual beauty; thanks so much for sharing!!!! :D

  6. PS You are obviously a creative pro! ;D
    I may come back now and then in hopes that you will rub off on me! :D


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