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Tuesday, November 30, 2010's really ...Day 30

Can you believe today is day 30, it has been a ride.  I have learned so much, I have seen some incredible artist make some amazing things.  I can say without a shadow of doubt it has been a blast.  Hate to see it end, I will keep creating, hopefully daily ( I could slip up at times)...during all of this I have found out what I have always loved what brings me comfort, what some of my gifts are.  I too have decided to start like I have posted before a new internet art business venture (more to come stay posted).  It is all so exciting for me..

Well today I decided to do a project I saw awhile ago.  I was so tired of my little trash box under my desk. I wanted to make (I'm on a budget so buying didn't seem to be an option right now).  I went in the shed and got an old white bucket that my husband use to use...I did ask first to make sure he wouldn't miss it.
Old Trash Can
New prospect. I cleaned it out (couldn't identify what was inside..).  I took some fun colors of paint, oh how I love to pull out the paint, then I just randomly painted 4 lines across the bucket.  There was no pattern or neatness to it, I just went for it.
As you can see I really didn't care how I laid out the colors...I then had to wait for it to dry again.  This part wasn't easy since I am a little impatient.  So I decided to wrap and mail a jewelry order I needed to fill.
I then ran to the post office to mail. My bucket was ready for the next step.  In this step I cut up paper or you could do fabric as well.  I cut them into a scallop stripes (again not real worried about neatness..I am very organic when I create).  I used mod podge on the strips of paper..and went podgie on it ( meaning abundant use of mod podge)
Again I had to let that dry, and since I have a real hard time sitting down for more then 5 mins. I started another project.  Our entry way was a little dull.  I went and got some branches out of the yard  ( I got this idea from the new Country Living Magazine).  I put the branches into a little vase like thingy and huge some silver ornaments from the branches.
I thought I heard the bucket calling me to let me know she was dry. I wanted to add something to the handle to pretty it up a bit, I added some colorful yarn.
After putting a new little bag into the new little bucket/trash can she is all done.  I added a few words and put her into her new little home right under my desk.  It was fun and free (already had all the supplies), now I can get rid of that ugly offense box, but this girl is done.
Thank you so much to all my visitors, all your comments have meant alot.  I hope you continue to visit. Remember things are in the works, so stop by soon to get the latest updates.
Again thank you for your support.  Sherry

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29...

Can you believe today is day 29?  Where did all the time go?  It has truly been an amazing experience, I have loved every minute.  This weekend we went to our local antique flea market, there were so many amazing things.  I found some items from an old Victorian house.  One is the little round pendant below, the bigger piece that looks like a flower is the back of a brass door pull. I then attached a vintage button to the front and then attached the vintage little chain with pearls to the bottom.

 The pictures didn't turn out to well, but I like how it turned out, very understated. 

I haven't felt good today at all, for some reason I am burping up the taste of fish ( gross I know) since the middle of the night..I have not had fish in about a month nor any Omega 3 fish oil.  It is so weird (and no I am not pregnant ;-o..), it is making me so nauseous, I just feel so crummy.  The doctor said I could have walking pneumonia, yes I said it right, not sure how burping up the taste of fish would ever give him the idea I had walking pneumonia (this was via his assistant on the phone).  But what helps is sitting on my couch and looking at the beautiful Christmas tree and the fireplace.  It is so peaceful and cozy, can't wait for the hubby to get home, and the fish taste to go away...I am done with it.  Tomorrow will be a healthier day I am sure of it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Girls Creative Day,....Day 28

My step-daughter has been asking for a long time now to help her with her visual altered art journal.  So today we got some old magazines out and started cutting and painting.  My mom for my birthday got me an old Woman's Day Magazine from the year I was born.

I decided to create my page using pictures from this magazine.  Mya used some other magazines from around the house.  She really enjoyed her project and is very proud of it..she can't wait to finish it.
Working hard to cut her pictures out.

She loves art and she sure can put decorative touches to her room, she got these wonderful quality's from her daddy that's for sure.

Got to love these items, it's funny when I was looking through this magazine it brought back so many memories but at the same time it was so funny to see some of the styles coming back around.
Well as the week almost comes to an end, I again reflect on what I am thankful for and also what I have accomplished through this challenge and what I have learned about myself.  It actually brought forward something that I have been thinking about doing for awhile now and with the help of some true friends, my dear husband and the Lord by my side. This will be wonderful..Stay tuned. ;-)..Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of this wonderful weekend.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Part 2 of Challenge day 27.....(SARK)

So I stubble upon a blog SARK Journal (I've read many of her books) and she offered what she called a Game Play.  

She had categories, the one I picked was "Miracle Walk" the description being  A "Miracle walk" is where you go out of your house or wherever you are, put your hands out, palms up and say; "Miracles, find me now." And then walk until you see or find one- or more! Be aware that miracles may be disguised or in unlikely places. 

My day started with alot of anxiety, I could not have another day in the house without getting the morning wore on my anxiety got the best of me.  Husband recommended we go to the Raleigh Flea Market, to pick up a couple of trinkets to use later in my art. I always seem to loose myself there.  I thought this would be great (my husband sure knows me).  I did pray this morning; that I wanted God to help take away this anxiety. (give me a miracle)...

We get there it's a bit nippy out but I am just so thankful to be outside.  I start to loose myself in all the wonderful things around me.  This time of year there are so many vendors out, making it a real treasure hunt.  It seems everyone was in such good spirits.  Every booth we stopped at I had a conversation just about small stuff (there's so much "Fun in the Small Things").  My first encounter was with an older man asking where I got my coffee..which doesn't seem big..but he was such a nice man, endearing eyes.  Then my daughter and I stopped at another booth, because she see's a little porcelain doll that catches her eyes, (she had a budget of a 1.00, but the softy that I am (when it comes to a girl wanting a doll, she got more out of she got the doll).  The gentleman that was manning that booth was so sweet and nice, he gave Mya 4 decks of old baseball cards to give to Luke in is stocking this year.

We head down to the pretzel stand for a little energy boost and that man is so incredible nice.  SO you might ask...where did you find your miracle???  I found it in every person that crossed my path, each one was a little piece of what God wanted me to see today, each person showed me what kindness could mean.  This I am so grateful for...GOD is good!  May you find small miracles all around you in your day.

My 1st day 27 Challenge is below...thank you for stopping by. 

Blooming Cards..Day 27.

I have a girlfriend in California whose birthday is in December.  I decided to make a card and use it as my project for the day.  It's really amazing how time just seems to pass you right by the older we get.  She texted me yesterday saying "Can you believe we met 16yrs ago today.  It just about knocked me flat on my tush.  Where did this time go.  We have gone through the my marriage and divorce then my remarried, a birth, and the death of her husband and so much in between with each other.  It hardly seems like 16yrs.  If you read my blog on friendship, she is the friend that miles and across country keeps us separate, but when talk it feels like no time has lapsed at all.  I love this girl, she was my rock in so many ways and I hers.  She knows the good and the bad of still loves me so unconditionally, she has never judged ANYTHING about me.  I am truly blessed to have this friend in my life.  I Love you girl..

The card is simple but I know she will love and appreciate it.  Wish I could deliver it in person.

The picture isn't that good, but I used sparkles in center of the flowers..Ms. Rhonda loves sparkles. ;-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

So creative..Day 26th..

WOW....what an amazing Thanksgiving we had, so much food and laughs. Woke up still full...I had to roll out of  Well today I didn't really know what to create, the kids were kinda in one of those what do we do today, so my husband told them to go create something.  Mya came down with this picture of a elf and princess and a crown.  This is a picture of Mya and her drawing.

My step-son Luke made a Battle Droid he love Lego's.

Luke came to me asking for a web-site because he wanted to start trading Lego's Star Wars men online with his friends, and to make new friends.  So we have been working together to build his own blog (for his age (9) I figured a blog was easier to work through).  It took us a few hours to do, so I am using this as my creative project today..He would love it if you scooted on over and took a look and maybe if you wouldn't mind he to would more then be so excited to have a few followers.  The title is "Fun 4 Lego".  Thank you for stopping by, have a great creative day. Until tomorrow keep creating and have some more pie and turkey. ;-)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


As you could imagine just like the rest of the world, the house smells wonderful...yummy!!! I've between cooking cooking and more cooking, but I found time between all that and I ran into my little blue room and created this page in my altered journal.  On this day I reflect on what I am truly Thankful for.  I am truly blessed to have such an amazing family, friends.  I am in great health God continues to bless my family everyday I am so thankful.  Find the joy and peace in the small things.  Happy up for fuel for Black Friday!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friend what does it mean...Day 24 of Challenge

Friend..what does that word mean to you?  I have been dealing with this alot lately, what is a true friend. everyone's definition is different. For me it has many meanings.

I think I have alot of people I consider an acquaintance (someone who you see here and there but never really hangout with) then there are the people you might hangout with here and there, but never really form a strong bond, you like these people but you really don't have alot in common so you usually hang with a group don't hang out separately or talk much on phone.  Then there is your closest friend/s the one you can without a shadow of a doubt confide in, trust with everything, they have your back no matter what. They tell you honestly if you butt looks to big in the jeans/dress.  They are happy for you when something good happens in your life, they are not jealous or envious.  You can be states away and when you talk there seems to be not time missed.  

I have had many friendships in my life and alot of those friendships have dissipated (through divorce), and so many are still going strong regardless of distance or time.  I have made new friendships that are amazing, but have been hurt by people that I have felt to be strong friends.  I try not to dwell on it to much and realize that everyone's definition is different so when it hurts I try to remember this.  

During this time of Thanksgiving I am thankful for my strong friendships and I am so grateful for my sweet girlfriends.  I decided to journal about this today.  I am not real crazy about how it turned out, but I got some of my definitions on paper...will continue to work on this.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cherish, Day 23..

I have been reflecting on alot lately, my mind is in constant motion at times I get dizzy just thinking about what I think about.  My poor husband just stares at me with a look of wonder..(not because he is mesmerized by 
me ;-), but I truly think he says "How does she make it through the day without help in doing the everyday things like walking, driving  I have so many things I want to do and feel like there is NEVER enough time, do you ever feel that way??

I have had this idea  for about a 9months now and I can see how it could work (women's yoga/art retreats). I have been researching it and it seems all the fun ones are always in different states.  I would love to incorporate my two loves Yoga/Art and offer it to women in my area.  But my little mind sometimes get's in the way i.e..can I do it, how much would it cost to start it up, would women come, how do I market it?  In between thinking of all those things, I am thinking about a 100 other ideas.  I think in the world they call this ADHD..;-).  To stop the little engine in my mind I went up to my little blue room sat at my desk and just stopped an took a  moment to breathe deep. With a little bit of a clearer mind, I found this little heart I had made awhile ago with the word "Cherish" on it.  So I asked myself, "what do you cherish"?  I cherish my husband, my wonderful children, my amazing grand-babies and my step kids.  I too cherish my closest friends, everyone means so much to me.  Most of all I cherish the one who has made all this possible in my life and that is The Lord.

SO.. I thought I would make a little necklace out of this heart and add some beads and a ribbon in place of a chain.  This will always be a reminder of the things I cherish.  I am off now to do about 20 of the things on my list before Thanksgiving..until tomorrow reflect on what you cherish..

Monday, November 22, 2010

Smile..It's Day 22

Working, Shopping, preparing for Thanksgiving day, clipping recipes, thinking (this one could get in the way), eating and creating..oh where do we find the time.  OOOPPSS! oh yeah I posted a couple of days ago how there is always time to create, so I guess I can't come up with any good excuses ;-)....So I run in the door, drop all my bags, let the dog out (poor baby he has been cooped up in the house for the last 9hrs, he was doing the happy dance)..I go to the bathroom myself, let dog back in, feed dog, run upstairs and look at my desk that I left in a mess from the crazy day before.  I look and look and look and I finally find a little charm I made a few days back from scrap I had from Artchix Studio love this web-site and a little empty pendant from Vintaj another love of mine.  I put this together with a clear glaze to seal.  I look in all my little jars found this copper chain and a little heart up-cycled from another bracket I found at the flea market, and WALAA..I came up with this.  I love the girls face, she brings me to a place where I can smile big..

In the midst of all the crazyness of the day, a patient came in my husbands office today who is battling cancer, and from the outside you feel sorry for him specially when you reflect on how he use to look, but when this man speaks he is so full of life, a life alot of us don't have on a good day. I saw so much through his eyes today..he told me he goes to bed everynight with Peace and wakes up with Hope..As he leaves our office he smiles so big that I couldn't help to smile with him and Praise God for the grace and peace he continues to give us.  This man is my inspiration tonight, I continue to smile big and feel a warmth in my heart.  Thank you God for putting this man in my path today, and showing me what really is important. Until tomorrow SMILE BIG!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well, I made it in for the challenge by the hair on my chiny chin chin.  I feel like I have been flying all around today.  It has been a good day but a busy day.  I still don't feel so well, but when you have things to do you just got to do it.  We just got home it is 10:40pm here in NC.  I was trying to figure out what I was going to do.  SO I went to my little blue room sat at my desk and started shuffling around my boxes, drawers baskets and found this little canvas which is about 2in by my thoughts were PERFECT its small enough I think I can do something.  Today I cut out the butterflies from a magazine and thought I would use them in my altered journal, but they were perfect for this canvas.  I then took a little scrap of metal and hand stamped FLY on it.  So here you have it, me working on the FLY and coming up with this.  Hope everyone had a great day.  I am off to dream land, until tomorrow, sweet dreams..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 20 WOW...time goes fast.

I still can't believe we are past the middle of November time sure does fly by.  I went to the grocery store and still wasn't ready to get the turkey yet.  Today was another day of not feeling to great so I laid low and did a little Zentangle still learning.  It is very relaxing and calming, so I sat on the couch and did that for awhile.  But I needed to get some fresh air so I took my ole trusty friend Bud for a walk.  The leaves here are still changing and falling now. The air is crisp and so fresh, I felt better getting some air.  Hoping tomorrow I will feel a little better and we can get out on the motorcycles.

I did this in my new Visual art journal...Love my journal.
Our walk in our neighborhood.
My sweet Bud..he is the best running/walking partner with 4 legs.
Sometimes we are so busy looking forward that we don't take the time to look up and thank God for the things in our lives..I am so blessed..

The colors are so pretty..

I would like to get out to our NC antique market tomorrow, hopefully we can work it in the day..I am looking for a vintage orange Pyrex bowl ( I collect them, I have a pink, yellow, green and turquoise).  If I find one I will post..Until tomorrow, make memories today.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sparkles and Leather.Day 19..

I was so excited to get in the mail today an order I placed by a fellow blogger "Artsyville".  Please go visit her blog, she is amazing. She sent me a extra little gift with it as well so I was even double happy.  I truly love getting things in the mail.  I miss getting things in the mail, with technology the way it is we tend to forget how special it is to get something in the mail.  Don't get me wrong I love all my tech goodies (ok, I am really a geek when it comes to technology)..I would love to get an iPad (hint hint to hubby).  But still miss the good ole days of waiting for the mail for something other then bills.

Today I made a necklace and if you have been following my blog you might of noticed one that looks alot like this one.  I have received so many request for that one that I needed to make others like it.  My only problem is somethings are one of a kind due to the materials.  I start with a hand cut leather heart that I hand die, then I added a vintage crystal element to the middle with vintage beads and crystals dangling from the heart.  I finished it off with a brush brass chain in different styles to give it that fun funky flare ( I believe that could be a new word for the dictionary..heehee).  I love making Jewelry it is my first love of creating.
 This 3 little pieces of art came in my package...sweet little jewels to use in my journaling.
 This is the one I bought..I am a Yoga instructor, so this I really like.
This speak to me so much, and the artist gave this to me as a little extra sweet, LOVE IT!!

Heart and Leather..

This picture does not do the beads justice for their colors. You can order this on my Etsy site.

Vintage Crystal element..

Have a blessed night.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little under the weather..Day 18 of Challenge..

I woke up feeling really yucky today, the headache, sore throat super tired.  I figured I would get some fun creative things done today.  Well it has taken me a little while to get moving in this day.  I started my day reading my new Beth Moore bible study "Jesus".  I am doing this with a friend, I am loving it. Always makes for a good way to start the day.  I bought a new book to turn into a Visual Journal/Altered Art Book.  I worked on the cover today, I had to step away.  I was doing the whole "I need to do more thing"..I will go back to it later, and either add more or come to terms in keeping it the way it is..I have a new project in the works (it's a secret) I am excited, so I need prayers that if this is what I am to being moving forward with, God will open the doors that need to be open and close the ones that are not right...

Now tea time and maybe a small nap, I am not one of those people that does well sick.  I am to active for this.  But I guess this is my bodies way of saying slow down.  Until tomorrow..many blessings.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There is always time to be creative...Day 17

 What am I talking about? This is something I hear over and over (from my friends or I am not creative):
"I want to do creative things too, but I don't have time."
Well, guess what it can be done I found this out with this challenge? You don't have time to NOT be creative. Creativity is all around you. You CAN fit it in. You can live a creative life as much or as little as you want to. No one is stopping us but ourselves. Being creative has So many physical, mental and emotional benefits that you don't have time NOT to do it! Here are some suggestions for fitting in creativity with a busy schedule (this is something I still work on).

1. I take pics with my cell phone when I can't lug my camera with me. What do I take pictures of? WELL, it's all about how you think. When you think of life as a creative experience, everything ordinary becomes interesting all of the sudden! Try it. Some of you know what I'm talking about! Don't worry about taking "bad" photos. Sometimes they turn out blurry, but so what? Even that can help you see things in a whole new way. I have blurry the following...

 Take random pictures, put them in your visual journal

2. Always have something to read in the car. I always carry a great magazine or book in the car for some quick inspiration/eye candy. My favorites are all the Somerset Magazines especially Somerset Studio's Gallery Magazine. It's like your own little art gallery in the car! If you don't want to spend money on the magazines, there are tons of great mixed-media, art, collage, photography books at your library. I use the library ALOT. It's a great "re-treat" for me to dash into the library and get some new books to soak in while waiting in the car!

3. Go outside. That's it. Walk around the block. Look at the clouds. Look at things you don't normally notice.
 God gave us this world to look at and cherish...enjoy it!

4.Keep a little memo book and pencil/pen in your purse/car, etc. You never know when you'll have a moment to sketch or write.  It really get's me to relax and slow down. 

This is my husbands first Zentangle (I can't take credit)..

Ok, so those are only a few things you can do today! Remember, you don't have time to NOT be creative. Every day is a new opportunity to nurture your creative self, many blessings my friends!

God grant me the serenity
to accept the fact that I can't make every room in this house a craft room:
Give me courage to clean my little Blue studio/room I have;
and wisdom to know the difference. Amen!

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