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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your Enough!

DO you ever feel that what you give to others still isn't nearly
enough....that there is NEVER enough time in the day...I feel like that so often that I have to
Stop and breathe.

  We have to look....really really look at what we are expecting of ourselves.....

We have to remember we are incredible...we are amazing and strong and brilliant.........but,
friend...we are also a human . We have to realize we can not do it all....we can not always hold
everything together perfectly and we can't be perfectly composed every single day and it's
ok to have "off"'s ok to feel weak...and overwhelmed and have meltdowns once
in a while.( oh I had a HUGE one friday).... It's ok. WE are ok. Everything is going to be ok....It really is ok. .

Let yourself BE.

Bad days will pass, and overwhelm will dissolve and the sun will come up again in the
morning....just like it does every day. God gives us Grace every single morning. There will be a brand new sparking day waiting
for you tomorrow....waiting for you to hold hands with all of the joy that it is offering.

Take this time and do something for you...if it's a cup of coffee or a new nail polish..just a little something to remember that YOU matter..and you deserve it..


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