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Saturday, January 15, 2011

All things of Beauty..

 This is a re-post...I miss the beach and would love to be there today

I love the beach, it's a place for restoration of body and mind.  I tend to loose myself from everyday thoughts for a few days.  I am always looking at things to bring into my created items. In my collecting of shells and sea glass, I started to think of each item.  Where did it first come from, did it come from the other side of the world  first; did it travel with the storm all this way to come to this beach so that I could find it and use it in my new necklace.  God is that good in my life, he presents things in ways we might not of thought of before.  One thing that came to my mind is that these shells, starfish and even sea glass all started out whole.  They all had beauty of their own, but are now on this beach at my feet, some broken some whole.  But in all of their brokenness there is some beauty left to them. A beauty that will be different from one person to one person walks over this broken shell another persons bends down and pick up. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;-)

My husband loves to take pictures, below are a few he took..from his point of view.  Enjoy!


  1. I feel the same way about the ocean, it's a place to go a be in total tranquility.
    Beautiful photos!

  2. I really enjoy the beach too! sets me free and makes me feel at peace! love the photos :) xoxo


  3. Your husband has a good pics~!!!

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  4. Beautiful pictures....I agree beauty is in the eyes of the beholder :)
    Love the purple necklace you made too :)
    Following you back!

  5. These photos are so calming. I can't wait 'til the weather gets warmer.

    - Grace

  6. Its funny how you mention the beach because I was dreaming of going to the beach this morning when the alarm clock went off...I thought man what a bummer...I was having such a good dream. LOL

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    Have a Happy Thursday!! :0)


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