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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Create, Explore, have fun!!

Some fun things have happened since my last post. I have been making vintage inspired jewelry and selling it.  Which is something that goes outside my box.  I like to wear my own things, but to see someone else wear and like them was different for me.  It is inspiring for myself to see others wear the things I create.  This is a new path and I love it.  I have been researching many styles, materials  and techniques.  I am self taught and I am finding I LOVE working with metal and leather. Combining the two to make whimsical creations.  I am starting to use more religious relics in my leather work.

This last week I had my first Trunk Show through a friend.  The first day was real slow but the next day was great.  The feedback was great.

This item is one the vintage items I have created. The cross is from WWII, they use to hand these out to the new soldiers.
I used gold sheet metal to make this heart then stamped "Beloved" on front and again using religious relics and crystals so accent the pendant.

I love to ride my Harley this just seem fitting to include something that would reflect that.  SO this is where this creation came from.

I find myself wanting to search and look for things to inspire me.  I love the colors of fall this is where I have brought in copper to bring out those colors I see.  I am so in love with things vintage...crazy to think that what is considered vintage is things in the 80's.  That's what the experts say is the starting point.

Please visit my etsy "Fun in The Small Things" site to purchase items.  I add things often.

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  1. I love the LIFE and Beloved necklaces. Do you have either or both of those? I want them!!! I just adore you!!!!!!!!!!


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