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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Touch of Steampunk...

You may ask what is Steampunk??  There are so many elements and definitions depending on the person asked.  So I will try to explain without loosing your attention.  The "Steampunk Movement" is a social movement characterized by the the return of 19th Century fashion coupled with pre-modern imaginative technology. I would call it “Post-Retro Fashion.” Here are the major themes of Steampunk Fashion.

  • Victorian Era garb. Corsets and waistcoats, top hats and mini-top hats, bustles and brocades. In Victorian days, “off the rack” meant you received a reprieve from torture. Everything was custom-tailored. Buying a “Steampunk” outfit from The GAP goes against everything Steampunk stands for. Fashioning a Steampunk outfit from Value Village ups your Steampunk cred immensely.
  • Goggles. Preferably crafted in brass, these are the sign of a active lifestyle and that steam workshops require eye protection.
  • Gears and Clocks. This is a rejection of modern industrial manufacturing, and takes you  back to a time when everything was hand-crafted. No digital watches, solid-state drives, wireless communication, or web sites. Although, of course, the modern Steampunk social movement is highly driven by the internet, but since it’s a social movement, there is a high degree of human contact, exemplified by crafting workshops, Steampunk Balls, and entire Steampunk conventions. (sounds crazy but they have them)
  • Customization. You can “Steampunk” almost everything, by creating handcrafted laptop cases or iPhones, or redecorating your home or office, all using 19th Century materials and processes.

 So long story short it is taking something old and mixing something new into it making it a brand new functional item with old world charm.  I have always been drawn to the Victorian Era, but being the tech geek I am I love modern technology.  SO what could be more perfect the Steampunk.  I started incorporating old time watch gears and vintage finds into most of my work.

 I too have a love of Bling and all things shiny.  I took this large crystal I found at a wonderful antique shop that is up the street from me, I can't begin to tell you how much I love this place.  I added some pearls a few charms and a bullet casing (not loaded), to give it that edge.  I love this piece.

One day I hope to get to a Steampunk convention for ideas and to see what people can really do with fashion and their personal style ( wonder if it's like a trekkie convention..oh I hope not.)..

Until next next keep steaming along.


  1. Yes, no doubt at all!!!! You are very creative Sherry Lynn and your creations are not only unique but so beautiful....

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog this weekend.
    Your jewelry is beautiful!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  3. Thank you for the nice post. have a great Halloween.

  4. Something i would love, i don't like "plain jane" things... always sonmething out of the ordinary catches my eye. Love the bullet casing,and the watch parts. :)

  5. Your creations are beautiful and very inspiring. SO pleased to have found your blog through AEDM!

  6. Hi Sherry, I'm so so happy that I found your creative blog!! I'm just now playing around with jewelry and what I really am attracted to is the steampunk/industrial jewelry. I love your Etsty store also. Thank you for sharing your talent and I'll be following!

  7. Thank you all for the kind comments..:-)

  8. You are so talented! Love your pieces! So original!


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