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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back in the groove!!

We made it home from our vacation...oh what fun we had.  But it is good to be back on blogger world..I have been working on some new fun jewelry ideas.  I will post those when I get some pictures loaded..but today I decided to write..

Be Free and Breathe Deeply!!

Sometimes we just need to stop what we are doing and do something else, something fun or adventurous! Why do we forget this? Why do we forget that play and fun are as important as working and breathing? Why do we fell guilty sometimes when we take time out to do something for ourselves? WHY???
Let yourself go a little bit this week/weekend coming up. Let yourself have some fun -- take a break and enjoy life for a little while. Let go of stress - of work - of worries. Just have fun and Breathe Deeply.

Remember how it feels to laugh, to play and to make fun memories.

You are so worth all of this...enjoy, breathe deeply, BE FREE!!!


  1. Deep breaths- a good reminder for the upcoming wednesday :)
    Have you checked out my giveaway yet? its at

  2. Found you from 'where in the World'.. Today is a good day to take a deep breath and relax!! thanks for reminding me!

  3. Great advice!! Hope you're taking it, too.


  4. I am taking your advice and heading out of town for a quick shopping trip! Following you from 'terrific thursday' I'm here if you'd like to visit:

  5. Hi. Visiting from the Terrific Thursday Blog Hop. I am your newest follower. I look forward to reading your blog. Please stop by and visit mine.

  6. New follower from Thursdays blog hop! Love the breathe deeply motto, it's perfect.

    Hope you can visit and follow me back

  7. Just yesterday I was involved in a stressful situation in which I had to remember to breathe!! Am blog hopping and found your blog! I'm now following. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  8. Thank you for posting this inspirational post. I needed it. I am your new follower from Frienly Friday.

    Coley -

  9. Great post especially with the week I have had. Such a great reminder to breathe!

    New follower from Thursday Blog Hop!

    Hope you can get around to checking me out!


  10. I try to do this every once in a while. I just went out with some friends for a Lonely Hearts Anti-Valentine's Day outing, and it was really fun. But even if it's not getting to spend time with friends, I will still catch myself sometimes, make myself stop whatever it is I'm doing, close my eyes for a few seconds, and just breathe. Even if it's just a short walk from my car to my work building and the weather is really nice and I know I'm going to be inside the rest of the day, I try to appreciate the small walk from my car to the door while it lasts. My favorite downtime is at lunch, when I can just sit outside the department store in front of my workplace and just sit in my car, eat my lunch, and just enjoy some quiet time.


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