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Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Sleep!!!

I haven't had decent sleep in weeks. I've been sleepwalking through my days and, as a result, took an unexpected three-day reprieve from my blog. I tried posting yesterday, but experienced massive brain farts. Words that floated up to the surface of my consciousness stubbornly refused to merge together in order to form complete thoughts, leaving me stranded in a sea of nothingness. Thursday, when I got home, I set out with earnest determination to write another post... only to just take a minute to lay on my bed but fell asleep for a bit..then having to jump up and cook, bake for a get together we were going to. So, here I am, behind on my blogging and emailing.  I'm also behind on some art I am doing for an art class I am taking and a bible study I am doing....Honestly, my brain has been so fried lately that I couldn't even do that.

So today we are going to get out of the house hit the museum and I will catch up on art later...if I can pull my brain and thoughts together to create something good..

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